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About Rescue Me Collars

1614.jpgIt all started when Golden Retrievers Sammy, age 11, and Helen, age 9 1/2, found their way into my heart and home in January of 2009. Both dogs found themselves in need of adoption later in life. I was lucky enough to become their new family. Helen was turned into rescue in Florida in July of 2008. She had multiple medical problems and was severely overweight from an undiagnosed thyroid condition.  Helen's first owner had become very very sick and could no longer care for herself or Helen. Helen was fostered in Florida but her severe skin issues didn't improve there, so she was transferred up to a Golden retriever rescue in Pennsylvania where I was lucky enough to find her! Sammy's owner sadly passed away leaving this sweet older gentleman in need of a new home.

Despite coming from separate circumstances, the two seniors got along very well in their new home. I loved every minute of our time together, all that is, except walking with Sammy. Sammy weighed 96 pounds and was filled with energy, tugging and pulling on his leash relentlessly for the first few months we were together.1500.jpg

I tried many different leashes but most seemed cut into my hands and a few even caused me to develop blisters on warm days. Even after teaching Sammy good leash manners my quest for nice leashes continued. I wanted something strong but beautiful. And I loved having matching leashes and collars. Even better if I could get complimentary sets for Sammy & Helen.1770.jpg

One day I found two great sets.  The leashes had pretty fabric over the webbing so they were soft on my hands, yet still strong, and they looked pretty as well. But the cost of matching leash and collar sets for both dogs seemed prohibitively expensive. I looked at these nice sets and figured there had to be a way to make them. And sure enough, with a good sewing machine, some research, and a lot of determination, I started making matching leash and collar sets for my dogs Sammy & Helen. I had fun picking out different prints and colors and checking on the merits of one webbing or hardware type versus another. Soon I was making sets for different holidays and seasons. I gave a few as gifts and not long after that folks began requesting sets for themselves.4010.jpg

I started small, using the fabrics I had chosen specifically to compliment my dogs. But it didn't take long to branch out and my fabric stash soon exploded. Friends, then friends of friends, and even folks at the dog park began ordering custom sets for their best friends to wear. So when someone suggested I  start a website it seemed like a natural progression. I needed a name for the site. After thinking about all my rescue dogs gave to me I decided on Rescue Me Collars & Fine Canine Apparel. The new leashes rescued my hands from the discomfort an ordinary leash could cause, but the real reason I chose the name was because Helen and Sammy rescued my heart. They are my inspiration everyday. And everything I make still has thoughts of them behind it.

Because I am a perfectionist I waited until I knew I could devote the time and energy necessary to make beautiful collars and leashes and other items for everyone who would want  them.

My four legged family has expanded to include a brother and sister pair, Reilly & Haley. They were a generous gift to me after Sammy sadly passed awayfrom cancer. And of course, they all always have coordinating leashes and collars! You can read more about Sammy's story here. Helen, my heart dog, and the love of my life, made her journey to the Rainbow Bridge on November 3rd of 2013. I still love her so much, and miss her every day. beautiful-helen.jpg

I hope you enjoy what we have to offer. Our collars and leashes all contribute to benefits for shelter and rescue dogs. We have beautiful things, for beautiful dogs like yours.100-3303.jpg100-3240.jpgsam-0652.jpg