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Inventory and Availability

I tried to order collars but the website said there weren't enough in stock. Can I still order?

We usually have our inventory set at a much lower level than the actual amount we have available. Because we cannot account for fabric when leashes are ordered, and leashes take at least twice as much fabric as collars, we have to keep our overall inventory levels set lower than the actual amount of material we have in stock.

If you see a pattern and the website informs you there is not enough  of this pattern for your order, just email us at:


Let us know the name(s) of the pattern(s) you want and we'll adjust the inventory for you!


On rare occasions we sell more collars in specific fabrics than we have available. If that happens, we will notify you by email about the issue. If we can reorder a fabric we will. If not we will let you know and you may choose another fabric, or receive a full refund.